Best Teeth Whitening / Dental Bleaching Treatment in Coimbatore

Teeth Whitening/Dental Bleaching Treatment in Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Teeth whitening or Dental bleaching is a process that lightens teeth shade & thereby helps in removing stains and discoloration from tooth surface. Whitening is considered among the most sought cosmetic dental procedures because of the drastic results it brings.

Teeth whitening treatments at our Dental Clinic, Hopes, Peelamedu, Coimbatore are safe and effective, and come with the professional advice of one of Sri Sakthi Dental's trusted dental professionals. And for your convenience, you could have teeth whitening at the practice or with a teeth whitening kit to use at home. The best way to keep your smile healthy and bright is to look after your teeth and gums. However, it’s not unusual to need a little help.

Perhaps you smoke, or your teeth have been stained by tea, coffee or red wine. They may also lose their whiteness with age. The professional teeth bleaching/whitening treatments at our Dental Clinic, Peelamedu, Coimbatore can repair discolouration quickly and safely without damaging the enamel or any other part of your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions for Teeth Whitening/Dental Bleaching

  • Can Bleaching Teeth harm them?

    The conclusive answer is no as teeth whitening gel will not damage or harm your tooth enamel. In order to achieve successful whitening, the product flows through the enamel tubules & begins to lighten the stained tissue. Whitening products can cause temporary tooth sensitivity.

  • Is Teeth Whitening at Dentist worth it?

    Professional teeth whiteners are safe, effective & done under the supervision of a dental professional. In most cases, it is worth the extra cost to visit the dentist to get long-lasting, safe results. Teeth whitening is very safe when done correctly.

  • How long do Teeth pores stay open after Whitening?

    The pores in the enamel are gently opened up so that dental bleaching agents can reach the stains beneath the surface of your teeth. About two days after the whitening procedure is complete, the pores close back up, leaving the enamel in its original state.

  • How long does Zoom Teeth Whitening last?

    The results of zoom whitening are dramatic. This method does whiten to your teeth up to eight shades lighter in about one hour. Zoom whitening treatment usually has no side effects other than mild sensitivity that subsides within a couple of days

  • Can Yellow Teeth become white?

    Plaque build-up on the teeth can cause them to look yellow. This kind of discoloration usually treated with regular cleaning & whitening remedies. However, sometimes the teeth look yellow because of the hard enamel erosion, revealing the dentin underneath.

  • What is good Oral Health?

    You must practice good oral hygiene every day, for a healthy smile. Brushing teeth after taking meals, using antimicrobial mouthwash & flossing at least once per day helps to keep the disease-causing bacteria from causing tooth decay.

  • What is Oral Surgery in Dentistry?

    An oral surgeon is a dental specialist who performs surgical procedures on the mouth, teeth, jaws & face. The word maxillofacial means relating to the jaws & face. An OMS attends 4 years of dental school & then completes at least four to six additional years of surgical training.

  • Do you have clients from different location of the Coimbatore?

    Yes, We have more happy patients from different location of the Coimbatore, such as Peelamedu, Hope College, Avinashi Road, Cheranmanagar, Vilankurichi, Ondipudur, Singanallur, Sulur, Varadharajapuram, Ramanujam Nagar, Sowripalayam, Shanthi Gears Road, Airport, Neelikonampalayam, Funmall, Codissia, Kamatchipuram, Pattanam, Mullai Nagar, Bharathi Nagar, Neelambur, Chinniyampalayam, KMCH, SIHS Colony, Nava India, Murugan nagar, Sivasakthi Nagar, VOC Colony, Veeriampalayam, Ganapathy, Saravanampatti, Kalapatti, Siranandha Puram, Thirumurugan Nagar, Mylampatti, Velaanaipatti, Thekkaloor, Nehru nagar, Avarampalayam.