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Root Canal / Endodontic Treatments in Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Best Dental Clinic For Root Canal Treatment in Coimbatore

A Root Canal treatment or endodontic is commonly referred to as ‘R.C.T’. This is needed when the pulp tissue within the teeth is found to be infected secondary to decay or injury. If the pulp becomes further infected, the infection may spread rapidly through the root canal system of the involved tooth, which will eventually progress to form an abscess at the root area.

The Root canal treatment at Sri Sakthi Dental Clinic in Peelamedu, Coimbatore, involves removing the entire infected pulp tissue from the inside of the tooth, followed by thorough cleaning and filling of this space to seal the root canal system, and prevent reinfection and pain. Root Canal treatment is frequently carried out on teeth that have decay where the infection is expected to be spread within the pulp.

A woman is holding a tooth with a red dental instrument, signaling a root canal procedure.
Steps taken by expert dentists in the root canal procedure in removing the infected pulp of tooth.

The salient advantage of Sri Sakthi Dental Clinic at Coimbatore is its ability to restore a dead tooth to normal function, thereby avoiding unnecessary removal. Sri Sakthi Dental Clinic's Root canal and endodontic specialists in Peelamedu, Coimbatore, make use of the latest techniques, further supported by the best innovations of Endodontic dentistry, to ensure a painless comfortable & successful root canal treatment.

Steps Involved in Root Canal Treatment / Procedure

  • Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is a procedure designed to treat infection or damage within the pulp of a tooth.
  • Before the procedure begins, the dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the tooth and the surrounding area.
  • The dentist will carefully remove the infected or damaged pulp tissue from the pulp chamber and the root canals.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

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Best Root Canal Treatment Near Sowripalayam in Coimbatore

Prevention of Spread of Infection

Root canal treatment allows patients to preserve their natural teeth, which is often the preferred option compared to extraction.

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Improved Oral Health

Root canal treatment contributes to overall oral health by eliminating infection and restoring the affected tooth's function and structure.

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Natural Appearance and Function

After root canal treatment, the tooth can be restored with a dental crown or filling, restoring its natural appearance and function.

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Efficient and Cost-Effective

Root canal treatment is often more cost-effective than tooth extraction, followed by tooth replacement options such as dental implants, bridges, or dentures.

Types of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is a dental procedure aimed at treating infection or damage to the pulp of a tooth. There are different types of root canal treatments based on the severity of the condition and the specific needs of the patient.

Best Root Canal Treatment in Varadharajapuram, Coimbatore
Best Root Canal Treatment in Varadharajapuram, Coimbatore

Conventional Root Canal Therapy

Conventional root canal therapy, also known simply as a root canal, is a dental procedure aimed at treating problems within the pulp of a tooth

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Top Dentist For Root Surgery Near Sitra Airport in Coimbatore


An apicoectomy, also known as root-end surgery, is a surgical procedure performed by an endodontist or oral surgeon to treat persistent tooth infections or inflammation.

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A pulpotomy is a dental procedure performed primarily on baby teeth (deciduous teeth) to treat a cavity that has extended to the pulp chamber but hasn't yet reached the root canals.

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Best Dental Endodontics Treatment in Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Regenerative Endodontics

Regenerative endodontics is an innovative branch of dentistry that focuses on restoring the vitality and function of damaged or infected dental pulp, particularly in immature permanent teeth.

Post-recovery Tips for Root Canal Treatment

After undergoing root canal treatment, it's essential to follow post-recovery tips to ensure proper healing and minimize discomfort or complications.

Your dentist will provide specific post-treatment instructions tailored to your situation. Follow these instructions carefully, including any prescribed medications, pain relievers, or antibiotics.

If you experience discomfort or pain after the procedure, take any prescribed pain medication according to your dentist's instructions.

Continue to visit your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings to maintain oral health and prevent future dental problems.

Why Choose Sri Sakthi Dental Clinic for Root Canal Treatment?

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Expertise in Endodontics

Sri Sakthi Dental Clinic is a leading dental practice with a team of experienced dentists and endodontists, specializing in root canal treatments, ensuring precision and care.

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Comprehensive Care

Our commitment to comprehensive care extends from initial consultations to post-treatment follow-ups, ensuring personalized attention and support for our patients throughout their root canal treatment journey.

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Personalized Treatment Plans

Sri Sakthi Dental Clinic provides personalized treatment plans to each patient, ensuring optimal results and patient satisfaction by addressing individual concerns and requirements.

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Patient-Centered Approach

Sri Sakthi Dental Clinic prioritizes your comfort and well-being, providing a stress-free environment for root canal treatment and compassionate staff to address any concerns or questions.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our clinic utilizes advanced technology for precise and efficient root canal treatments, ensuring the highest standard of care for our patients.

FAQs On Root Canal / Endodontic Treatments

During a root canal procedure, the nerve & pulp are removed, & the inside of the tooth is cleaned & sealed. Without treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will be infected, & abscesses may form. The pulp/pulp chamber is the soft area within the root canal.
A root canal treats infected or injured pulp. This helps to repair a tooth before it is required to be extracted. If the pulp becomes injured or diseased, it cannot repair itself, & the tissue dies. If there is a deep cavity a cracked tooth, or a loose filling, bacteria can enter the pulp.
Root canal treatment removes all infection from the root of the tooth. Most root treatments involve at least 2 visits to your dentist. This usually alleviates any pain from the tooth. On the second visit, the root canal is cleaned, disinfected, shaped, measured & filled to prevent any further infection.
As a general rule of thumb, a dental crown will need to be placed over a tooth that has just received a root canal, if the tooth is a premolar or one of the back-grinding teeth. All teeth need to be healthy so they can function correctly.
Root canal therapy or endodontics can reclaim teeth after they have died. The soft pulp, comprised of blood vessels, nerves, and other tissue, is located beneath the dentin and gives life to the tooth.
You must practice good oral hygiene every day, for a healthy smile. Brushing teeth after meals, using antimicrobial mouthwash & flossing at least once per day help keep the disease-causing bacteria from causing tooth decay.
An oral surgeon is a dental specialist who performs surgical procedures on the mouth, teeth, jaws & face. The word maxillofacial means relating to the jaws & face. An OMS attends 4 years of dental school & then completes at least four to six additional years of surgical training.