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Laser Dental Treatments in Peelamedu, Near Tidel Park, Coimbatore

Laser Dental Treatments in Peelamedu, Near Tidel Park, Coimbatore

Laser dentistry uses lasers to treat various dental problems, reducing healing time and pain compared to traditional methods. It offers precision and less healing time for gum disease treatments, root canal therapy, and crown lengthening. Soft-tissue dental lasers require fewer sutures, making procedures more comfortable. Laser dentistry is safe and effective, often used with other dental instruments, and is available at sri sakthi dental clinics in Peelamedu, Coimbatore.

Laser dentistry, a method of treating various dental problems, has been used in clinical dental practice since 1989. Sri Sakthi Dental Clinic offers a more comfortable treatment option for hard and soft tissue dental procedures compared to drills and other non-laser tools. Laser dentistry reduces the healing time and pain associated with traditional dental services, making even advanced dental services more comfortable. Soft tissue dental lasers rarely require sutures, making patient procedures more comfortable.

During a laser dental treatment, the dentist uses a dental laser to assist in various procedures.
The person holds a laser pen during a dental laser treatment to illustrate or demonstrate the process

Lasers are safe and effective for many dental procedures and can be used with other dental instruments. Laser dentistry offers patients a more comfortable and efficient dental treatment option.

Benefits of laser dentistry

  • Laser procedures are minimally invasive.
  • There is a reduced need for anesthesia during treatment.
  • Patients experience less bleeding and swelling.
  • The risk of infection is lower compared to traditional methods.
  • Laser technology enables high precision in dental procedures.

Why choose Sri Sakthi Dental for laser dentistry in Coimbatore?

Laser dentistry at Sri Sakthi Dental Clinic always offers a more comfortable treatment option for dental procedures involving hard and soft tissue than drills and other non-laser tools.

Decreased Discomfort Best for patients who are sensitive or anxious due to less pain and distress in contrast to the traditional technique.

Quicker healing time Patients recover more quickly and begin their regular activities sooner due to the precision of lasers, which speed up tissue regeneration and healing.

Reduced risk of infection sterilizing treatment regions with high-energy light beams and lasers lowers the danger of bacterial contamination and postoperative infections.

Patient Comfort and Satisfaction Choosing laser dentistry shows an effort to improve patient's overall comfort and satisfaction while receiving dental care.

How Laser Dentistry Works?

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Dental laser procedure targets tissues, like the gums or decaying areas.

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Tissue Removal

Removing decay or reshaping gums with less harm to the surrounding tissues.

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Post-Procedure Care

Tips on dental hygiene and medication for a swift, comfortable recovery.

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examining and getting the treatment area ready with a local anesthetic.

FAQs On Laser Dental Treatments In Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Yes, lasers are a safe and effective treatment for various dental procedures and are used with other dental instruments when performed by a dental professional. The precise control and sterilizing effects of lasers reduce the risk of infection compared to traditional methods.
Using lasers to clean teeth is better than the traditional method of scraping away tartar and plaque with dental instruments. It is not necessary to use those inefficient and annoying scrapers and picks. However, the process can be more efficient and accurate with dental lasers
A person may feel pain for a few days after tissue removal from the roof of the mouth. The healing process is quick and can take 1 to 2 weeks for the mouth to heal.
Although gums rarely regenerate after laser surgery, the process can improve healing and boost gum tissue regeneration. It promotes the growth of better gum tissue by eliminating bacteria and unhealthy tissue.
Laser dentistry offers different applications in dental procedures. It effectively treats gum disease by removing infected tissue and promoting gum regrowth. Lasers also detect cavities, teeth whitening, gum reshaping, and oral surgeries like biopsies and frenectomies.
The nature and complexity of the procedure determine the duration of a laser dental procedure. Laser procedures take a similar or even shorter time than traditional methods.